An Evening With Eve Myles

Eve Myles returns to the Bad Wilf Podcast! Martyn is joined by Paul and Chris from The Pharos Project and they have a sit down by an open fire for an EVEning with.

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Episode 54: DW Experience Revisited

Martyn is joined by his 3-year old son and they discuss their trip to the Doctor Who Experience.

The attraction will remain in London until 22nd February 2012 before moving to its permanent home in Cardiff, Wales.


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Episode 52: Christmas and K-9

In which your heroes look at The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe plus the Aussie K-9.

K-9 on Channel 5:
Build your own papercraft K-9 at

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Ayesha Antoine

Between acts at Stratford East, Martyn and Gerrod interview Ayesha Antoine; safe to say a great time was had by all. Look out for Martyn and Gerrod in Ayesha’s next film, a kick-ass kung-fu spy movie.

Ayesha played the scientist Dee Dee Blasco in Doctor Who: Midnight.

Red Riding Hood at Stratford East:
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