Review-The Time Tunnel blu-ray

As a child of the nineties, I have fond memories of watching high-quality American shows from the 60s on Channel 4 during school holidays, such as Man from UNCLE, Get Smart, and The Time Tunnel. The latter show, in particular, captured my imagination and sparked my passion for sci-fi, even before I knew what sci-fi was.

Despite being extremely dated by today’s standards, The Time Tunnel remains an entertaining show that feels like a prequel to modern sci-fi classics like Quantum Leap and Stargate. Set in an imagined 1968, the near-future to when the show was made, two scientists named Tony Newman and Doug Philips find themselves traveling through time and space after testing their top-secret government project, the time tunnel.

Although the show has dodgy science, sets, and glaring plot holes, it’s precisely these elements that make it brilliant. The premise is a sandbox for any writer, with nothing off-limits and no logic to hold back the imagination. The time tunnel takes Tony and Doug to a range of different locations and time periods, from Ancient Greece to the first manned mission to Mars.

The transfer to HD is good, considering the show was not shot that way. Additionally, viewers can choose to listen to the original mono sound or the remixed 5.1, both of which work well.

Overall, The Time Tunnel is a great set that would make a perfect Christmas gift for any sci-fi fan. It’s a shame the show didn’t get a second series, given its potential for endless time-traveling adventures.