Review-Studio 666

The Foo Fighters are having issues writing their 10th studio album, trying to think outside the box and spark their creative juices. Leader singer, Dave Grohl suggests they record in an ominous mansion. Once inside supernatural forces threaten to endanger the album and their lives.

Strange occurrences (and celebrity cameos) arise as the band squabbles over how to best utilise its improvised studio’s “creepy death atmosphere” and eerie acoustics.

Studio 666 is a mixed bag, based on a short story by Grohl. It’s part-comedy, part-horror, part-90s slasher throwback. The plot is very formulaic and the acting isn’t Oscar-worthy, some of the band members are better than others, but that all adds to the charm. This is a proper B-movie, the type we haven’t seen for decades. Watching the tight-knit band play off one other as fictional versions of themselves is a lot of fun.

Studio 666

Starring Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Rami Jaffee, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins, Whitney Cummings, Will Forte, Jeff Garlin, Leslie Grossman and Jenna Ortega. Story by Dave Grohl, written by Jeff Buhler and Rebecca Hughes. Directed by BJ McDonnell. Is out now, in selected cinemas in the UK and Ireland.


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