Best Big Finish Doctor Who: A Must-Listen for Doctor Who Fans

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, then you’re likely aware of Big Finish Productions. This audio production company has been producing Doctor Who stories since 1999, featuring classic Doctors like Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and, Paul McCann. As well as newer Doctors like David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Big Finish audios that every Doctor Who fan should listen to.

1. The Chimes of Midnight

If you’re looking for a classic Doctor Who story, then you can’t go wrong with “The Chimes of Midnight.” This Eighth Doctor audio adventure takes place on Christmas Eve in 1906 and features a creepy old mansion, mysterious servants, and a time loop that keeps repeating the same hour over and over again. It’s a great example of the kind of atmospheric storytelling that Big Finish Productions is known for.

2. Spare Parts

“Spare Parts” is a Fifth Doctor story that serves as a prequel to the classic Doctor Who episode “The Tenth Planet.” It tells the story of how the Cybermen came to be, and it’s a haunting and emotional tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening. It’s also worth noting that this story was an inspiration for the revival series episodes “The Age of steel” and “Rise of the Cybermen.”

3. The Holy Terror

“The Holy Terror” is a Sixth Doctor story that is equal parts hilarious and terrifying. It takes place on a planet called Világ, where the Doctor and his companion Frobisher encounter a cult that worships a giant penguin. Yes, you read that right. But don’t let the silliness fool you – this story has some genuinely creepy moments and a surprising amount of heart.

4. Masterful

If you’re a fan of the Master, then you’ll want to check out this box set of audio adventures. “Masterful” features nine different incarnations of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis, including Geoffrey Beevers (who played the decayed Master in the classic series), Eric Roberts (who played the Master in the Eighth Doctor TV Movie), John Simm and, Michelle Gomez (who played The Master and Missy in the modern era of the series). Each story is a standalone adventure, but they all tie together to form a larger narrative about the Master’s ultimate plan.

5. The War Master: Killing Time

Speaking of the Master, if you want to see what the character was up to during the Time War, then you need to listen to “The War Master” series. This box set features Derek Jacobi reprising his role as the Master (which he played in the revival series episode “Utopia”) and shows how he became involved in the Time War and what his ultimate goal was. It’s a dark and thrilling series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

There you have it – five of the best Big Finish audios for Doctor Who fans. Of course, there are plenty more to choose from, so don’t be afraid to explore the vast library of stories that Big Finish Productions has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of classic Doctors or new ones, there’s something for everyone in the world of Doctor Who audios. Happy listening!

Big Finish review-The Eighth of March 3: Strange Chemistry

The third instalment of Big Finish’s “Eighth of March” series was unveiled on March 8th, 2023, coinciding with International Women’s Day. The album, titled “Strange Chemistry,” presents two stories that tackle different themes and ideas, albeit with less prominent female leads.

The first story, “Ghost of Alchemy,” features a captivating performance by Louise Jameson and centres around the historical figure of Marie Curie embarking on a perilous tour of the United States. However, the writing is heavy-handed in its efforts to incorporate women’s struggles into the narrative, often feeling forced and awkward. The villain is also a caricature of misogyny, making it hard to take him seriously.

On the other hand, the album’s main draw is Missy’s encounter with a young Amy Pond in “Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden.” This track is undoubtedly the standout of the album, filled with surprises and an engrossing listen. While Caitlin Blackwood’s teenage angst is relatable, Karissa Hamilton-scripted Bannis’s storyline is more tedious than necessary. The premise is also not fully explored, despite Michelle Gomez’s delightful and eccentric performance.

It’s worth noting that Helen Goldwyn’s direction on “Strange Chemistry” is still impeccable, even if the stories themselves are not quite up to par. Her direction brings out the best in the actors and helps create a rich soundscape that draws listeners in. Despite the flaws in the writing, Goldwyn’s direction keeps the album engaging and immersive.

Overall, “Strange Chemistry” is an improvement over last year’s lacklustre “Protectors of Time.” However, it still falls short of being a must-listen. It seems as if the entire range is an afterthought, which is a shame because these sets deserve better attention and effort.

The Eighth of March 3: Strange Chemistry is available for purchase from Big Finish.


Missy to get her own audio series

Big Finish announced today that Missy will be getting her own audio range.

Michelle Gomez, who played the Doctor’s best friend and wicked enemy, Missy will be reprising her role in some brand new audio adventures from Big Finish Productions made in arrangement with BBC Studios.

Throughout her time on Doctor Who, Missy – an evil incarnation in the guise of a Victorian nanny – was a delightful devil, at one point sentenced to death for terrible crimes against the universe. And now we get the chance to hear more of what she is really capable of.

These new adventures see an unleashed Missy bringing the universe to wrack and ruin. We can’t wait for its release in February 2019!

Michelle Gomez told us about letting Missy loose on the people of the universe:

“I was very excited to return to Missy’s world via the medium of audio because along the way I’ve always had a lot of fun with Missy; her voices and her rhythms. I absolutely love capturing it and distilling it down to the word on the page.

I’m absolutely delighted! She’s such a ridiculously brilliant character, and hopefully that earns her that moment in the spotlight. To find myself centre stage with these Missy adventures is thrilling – I’m very grateful.”

And (whilst evading the Doctor’s clutches) Missy will encounter another enemy of her ‘boyfriend’ as she crosses paths with the Meddling Monk played by Rufus Hound.

David Richardson, producer of these adventures added:

“Missy’s own series is just like the Time Lady herself – anarchic, funny, unpredictable and wildly imaginative. It’s absolutely glorious to have Michelle returning to the character at Big Finish, and our recording days have been filled with so much laughter.

And we haven’t even met face to face yet! Michelle’s busy filming the new Sabrina series in Vancouver for Netflix and so we’ve been pairing studios down the line; Michelle thousands of miles away while we’re in London synched up with her. It’s been a joy to make. And just wait until you hear the collaboration of Missy and the Meddling Monk!”

Missy is available for pre-order now ahead of its release in February 2019 at £23 on CD or £20 on download from and will remain at this price until general release when it will be available for £35 on CD or £30 on download.

Episode 148:The Doctor Who Festival

Martyn is joined by Cameron K McEwen from Blogtor Who, the pair discuss their recent trip to The Doctor Who Festival, as well as the fun they’ve both had playing Lego Dimensions.

The Doctor Who Festival was attended by the current Doctor-Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Ingrid Oliver, Mark Gatiss, Michelle Gomez and series show runner Steven Moffat.

The podcast can be accessed via different places, including Audioboom, Tunein, Miro, Stiticher, Blubrry, Player fm and Itunes.

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Doctor Who Festival-Day two

Today was the second day of The Doctor Who festival, at the Excel Centre in London. Below are a selection of images. Click to enlarge.

The adventure concludes tomorrow.

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Thanks to BBC Worldwide for the images.

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Episode 145:Snakes on a wizboard

In which Martyn and Pete discuss Doctor Who: The Magicians Apprentice/The witches familiar.

The Magician’s Apprentice” is the first episode of the ninth series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 19 September 2015. It is the first episode of a two-parter, the second of which is “The Witch’s Familiar“, both written by Steven Moffat and directed by Hettie MacDonald.

The podcast can be accessed via different places, including Audioboom, Tunein, Miro, Stiticher, Blubrry, Player fm and Itunes.


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