Episode 50: Colony in Space

In Which, after nearly two years, your heroes reach episode 50!

We look at Colony in Space, after a report on the Torchwood: Miracle Day signing attended by Martyn and Paul from The Pharos Project. Please excuse this episode’s strange temporal anomalies sound quality.

Pharos Project: thepharosproject.libsyn.com

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Episode 45: Entertainment Media Show

Martyn, Pete from Bad Wilf and Chris from the Pharos Project talk to:

  • David Prowse (Star Wars, Hitchhiker’s, Tomorrow People)
  • Eve Myles (Torchwood)
  • Arthur Darvill (11th Doctor companion ‘Rory Williams’)
  • Paul McGann (8th Doctor)

EMS: collectormanialondon.com

The Pharos Project: thepharosproject.libsyn.com
@pharosproject on Twitter

More pictures – most are courtesy of Tim Drury (Tim’s Flickr)

Dr Who talk
Dr Who talk
Barber, Moffett, Blackwood
Martyn & Cyberman
Angel & Silcence
Angel & Silence
Future Amy
TARDIS headgear
TARDIS dress
Peg Doll
David Tennant
With Paul McGann
Classic Who talk
Kate O’Mara
Classic Who talk

Episode 43: Whooverville Three

Martyn and the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance interview Frazer Hines and Sarah Sutton.

Martyn and the Pharos Project look at Doctor Who: Night Terrors. Martyn begins the podcast by announcing (an attempted) retirement.

The show can be accessed via different places, including Miro, Stiticher, Blubrry and Itunes.

Whooverville 3: whoovers.org.uk

DWPA: www.doctorwhopodcastalliance.org
The Pharos Project: thepharosproject.libsyn.com


More pictures from the event:


Nicola Bryant and Martyn
With Ian McNeice
With the Head of Pertwee
With the TARDIS