Review:Torchwood-Zone 10 

Big Finish Productions is a company that produces audio dramas based on popular television series, such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, among others. They are well-known for their ability to delve deeper into the lives of characters that may have been underdeveloped in the original show. This is particularly true of Toshiko Sato, who was a beloved character on Torchwood but did not always receive as much screen time or attention as some of the other members of the team.

Zone 10 is a Big Finish audio drama that features Toshiko Sato as the central character. In this story, she is investigating a mysterious radio signal known as “The Pulse,” which has been puzzling scientists for over forty years. Her search takes her to Russia, where she meets Maxim Ivanov, a member of the KVI (Russia’s equivalent of Torchwood). Together, they explore the restricted area known as “Zone 10” in an attempt to decipher the signal.

David Llewellyn is the writer responsible for this excellent drama, and his ability to further explore Toshiko’s character without undermining her portrayal on television is truly impressive. The story is both bleak and emotionally powerful, with many gripping moments that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

The performances in “Zone 10” are also noteworthy. Naoko Mori, who portrays Toshiko Sato, delivers a standout performance, perfectly capturing the character’s intelligence, vulnerability, and determination. Krystian Godlewski is equally impressive as Maxim Ivanov, and the chemistry between the two actors is palpable.

The direction and soundscape are also excellent, with the audio drama immersing listeners in the world of Torchwood and Zone 10.

Overall, Zone 10 is a fantastic addition to the Torchwood universe and a must-listen for fans of the series.