Review – Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited

The Girl Who Waited is an exceptional episode that heralds a rare streak of quality in Doctor Who’s recent episodes. Written by the talented Tom MacRae, the episode presents an intelligent and timey-wimey adventure that deals with parallel time streams, paradoxes, and moral dilemmas.

The dynamic between the TARDIS crew is permanently altered as Rory is deeply affected by meeting an older and more cynical Amy, who spent 36 years alone.

Karen Gillan delivers a magnificent performance, particularly as the older Amy, where she subtly portrays stiffness in her joints and deepens her voice. The scene where the two Amys discuss their love for Rory is truly moving.

The episode also provides insight into the darker side of the Doctor, and the risks and dangers involved in travelling with him.

The Girl Who Waited is a visual delight, featuring a clean and white future setting. Murray Gold’s musical score further enhances the emotional impact of the episode. It is an impressive achievement, given the limited number of guest stars, and the focus on the principal cast.

The episode deserves all the high praise it will undoubtedly receive, and it is hoped that next week’s episode, The God Complex, can continue this impressive streak of quality episodes.


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