Vlog 2:Batman V Superman press screening

I was lucky enough to attend the Batman V Superman press screening last night. Is it as bad as the critics would have you believe? Check out the video below to find out.

It features an apperance from Alex Zane, Zack Snyder, and the man of steel himself-Henry Cavill.

Gotham may be getting a spin-off

So, a strange thing has happened. DC have filled copyright on the name ‘Pennyworth’ as in Alfred Pennyworth, the character played by Sean Pertwee. 

The copyright is for “production of live-action, dramatic comedy television series”.

Plot details have yet to be revealed but two things are happening, either Sean Pertwee is getting a spin-off, or this prequel series is getting a prequel series.

Henry Cavill asks kids if they prefer Batman or Superman

“Who is better Batman or Superman?” That’s a question that comic book geeks have been asking for well over seventy years. We’ve seen them team up many times in comic form, but in just a few short weeks we will see the two icons battle it out on the big screen in, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Jesse Eisenberg have partnered with Omaze, to give fans the chance to enter in the “Ultimate Batman v. Superman Experience“.

In participation with Durrell wildlife park, Cavill interviewed a bunch of kids, and asked them who they prefer.


Trailer-Suicide Squad

Here is the second trailer for DC’s Suicide Squad, it looks like a lot of fun.

The cast includes Will Smith as Deadshot, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, Jay Hernandez as Diablo and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and, a cameo from Ben Affleck, as  Batman.

Suicide Squad is directed by David Ayer (Fury) and is scheduled for UK release in August.

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Suicide Squad character posters

A head of the new trailer launch, Warner Bros have revealed 10 brand new character icon logos for David Ayer’s highly anticipated Suicide Squad.

These new posters highlight the full Squad line-up, which includes Deadshot (Will Smith), Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Diablo (Jay Hernandez),  Slipknot (Adam Beach), Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and Katana (Karen Fukuhara). And of course, The Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn (Margot Kidder).

Click on the images to enlarge. Thanks to Warner Bros for allowing us to use them. Check back here later in the week for the new trailer.



Trailer-Batman V Superman

“Is she with you?”

Warner Bros have released the second full trailer for the upcoming, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The trailer has a whole load of new footage and ikt gives us a better sense of the characters we’ll see in the film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out in March 2016.

Rumour:Affleck to star in Batman trilogy 

This is only a rumour at the moment, but I would be very surprised if it isn’t true. 

According to den of geek, WB want Ben Affleck to star in a trilogy of Batman films. 

Den of geeks sources claim that at a recent cast and crew screening of Batman V Superman:Dawn of justice, which included several of the WB’s top suits, the film received a standing ovation. 

The suits are apparently so impressed with Affleck’s portrayal, that they want to lock him into a “golden deal” that would see him playing the capes crusader for the next ten years.

Check out the Batman V Superman trailer below

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Trailer-Batman V Superman

Fresh from it’s worldwide debut at San Diego comic con, here’s the trailer the world has been waiting for. I got goose bumps watching this. I can’t wait. Roll on 2016.

Here’s the synopsis:
“Fearing the actions of a god-like super hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before”.

Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice is released worldwide in March 2016.

Teaser trailer-Batman V Superman

A pirated copy of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has been doing the rounds online for a few days. Because of that, Warner Bros have officially released it four days early.

A lot of fans have expressed their disappointment in the trailer, citing that it’s too grim and gritty for them. Personally, I loved the trailer. I’m an outspoken fan of man of steel. The movie had its problems, but overall I thought it worked well in reintroducing the character to a modern audience, as well as building a new universe.

Batman V Superman:Dawn of justice is based loosely based on the Batman fans bible, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, so obviously the movie will have a dark tone to it. 

As for Ben Affleck AKA Batfleck, I think he looks fantastic. I’ve been an outspoken advocate of his casting. I think this will be a great portrayal of the Dark Knight. It sounds like he has a built in voice synthesiser built in to his suit, to disguise his voice. Which I think is a genius movie, it hasn’t been done before and resolves the criticism Bale’s Batman voice received.  

Now let’s just hope that Zack Snyder finally got his hands on a tripod.

Batman V Superman is released in 2016.

For more on the film, visit https://www.warnerbros.co.uk/movies/batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice
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