Beyond Paradise to return for second series and Christmas Special

The hugely successful BBC drama Beyond Paradise is set to return for a second series and a Christmas special.

With an audience of 8.7 million viewers for episode one, the heart-warming relationships and puzzling criminal capers of DI Humphrey Goodman, Martha Lloyd, DS Esther Williams, PC Kelby Hartford, Margo Martins and Anne Lloyd will continue to captivate audiences.

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, expressed her excitement for the return, while Executive Producer Tim Key of Red Planet Pictures thanked fans for their support. CEO of BritBox International, Reemah Sakaan, praised the series for its charm, humour and gripping mysteries, and promised more best in British programming for subscribers.

Created by Robert Thorogood and Tony Jordan, Beyond Paradise is produced by Red Planet Pictures, with Tony Jordan acting as a showrunner for the new series and Christmas special. Series one is currently airing on BBC One and iPlayer in the UK, and is available on BritBox International in North America, the Nordics and South Africa.

Listen to our interview with Tahj Miles.

Interview with Tahj Miles

In this episode of the podcast, Martyn sits down with Tahj Miles, a talented actor best known for his role as Marlon Pryce in the hit BBC series, Death in Paradise. Tahj takes us on his journey to becoming an actor, sharing his struggles and triumphs along the way.

Starting at the tender age of seven, Tahj’s grandfather suggested his mum find an outlet for his endless energy, and so began his journey to drama school in Hackney. It wasn’t long before he landed his first role in the musical Oliver, kicking off a successful career in the performing arts. Tahj went on to work on well-known musical productions, such as The Lion King, Matilda, and Bugsy Malone but ultimately found his true passion in acting.

During the podcast, Tahj also discusses his experiences filming Death in Paradise on location in the Caribbean. Despite facing challenges such as weather conditions and adapting to a different accent, Tahj finds it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. He also talks about his relationships with fellow actors on set and how they supported him in his personal and professional growth.

Finally, Tahj reflects on his work playing Simba in the stage adaptation of The Lion King and his experience working with Sir Steve McQueen on Small Axe. Through it, all, Tahj’s passion, dedication and infectious enthusiasm shine through.

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TV review-Beyond Paradise

Creating a successful spin-off can be a daunting task. It requires striking a delicate balance between maintaining the essence of the original while introducing fresh ideas and characters that capture audiences’ attention. For every spin-off that becomes a beloved classic, like Frasier or Angel, there are others that fall short, such as Joey or Joanie Loves Chachi.

Fortunately, Beyond Paradise rises to this challenge by boldly taking beloved characters from Death in Paradise and placing them in a new setting with new challenges.

The series follows the relocation of DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and his fiancée, Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton), to the small town of Shipton Abbott in Devon.

While the new show retains some of the DNA of its parent- stunning scenery, endearing local characters, and a one-mystery-per-episode format – it differs in one crucial respect: it has a much less body count. Instead, the series focuses on Humphrey’s complex cases, which involve a stolen painting, a missing family, and an arsonist who takes inspiration from the Three Little Pigs.

In Shipton Abbott, Humphrey discovers that everyone is in everyone else’s business, both figuratively and literally. His new team, including PC Kelby Hartford (Dylan Llewellyn) and DS Esther Williams (Zahra Ahmadi), take some time to warm up to their new DI, who is untidy, eccentric, and unorthodox in his methods.

Despite this, he soon wins them over, and they find themselves willingly participating in his strange physical exercise to prove a point about the case.

The team’s most pressing case involves a woman, Gwen Tyler (Montserrat Lombard), who claims to have been assaulted by the ghost of a 17th-century witch. Humphrey and Esther investigate and upgrade the case to attempted murder when they discover that Gwen was dragged across the floor and her ladder was moved.

The case leads them to uncover a web of adultery, financial mismanagement, and data tampering, which is a far cry from the witchcraft Old Mother Wheaten is famous for.

Beyond Paradise deviates from the standard detective series format by eschewing the traditional drawing-room reveal. Instead, Humphrey takes us back to the crime scene and explains in real time what happened, providing a fresh and exciting perspective on the traditional detective show.

While Beyond Paradise shares some similarities with Death in Paradise, it stands out with its unique approach to storytelling and focus on complex cases. It’s a welcome addition to the genre and is sure to keep audiences entertained.