Fast Girls is a film that tried to cash in on the Olympics but was not allowed to use the words “Olympics,” “London,” and “2012.” As a result, the film revolves around a group of female athletes training for the fictional 2011 World Championships. Co-written by Noel Clarke and directed by newcomer Regan Hall, the movie is billed as a comedy/drama, but it fails to deliver on both fronts.

The film stars Lenora Crichlow (Being Human) as Shania, a talented sprinter from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ who is approached by relay coach Tommy (Clarke) to join the team. However, she struggles to be a team player. While it is refreshing to see a British production with strong female leads, Fast Girls quickly becomes a cliché-ridden film. The romance between Shania and Carl feels contrived, and the movie falls back on the same old tropes we’ve seen in countless other films.

Noel Clarke’s performance as Tommy is rather bland, and it feels like he wasn’t the original actor cast for the role. Phil Davis has little more than a cameo as Shania’s original coach, and it’s a waste of his talent. While the film does engage the audience at times, it’s hard to stay interested when the plot is so predictable. The “feel good” climax is the icing on the cake of this disappointing film.

Overall, Fast Girls is a film with potential, but it fails to deliver on its promises. The strong female leads are refreshing, but the plot is predictable and clichéd, and the performances are lackluster. If you’re looking for a film about female athletes that delivers on its promises, this one falls short.


    • Behind the Scenes: Cast Training/ Costume Design/ The Relay/ Fast Girl Championship/ Night Shoot.
    • Interviews: Lenora Chrichlow/ Lily Jame/ Noel Clarke/ Bradley James/ Regan Hall/ Rupert Graves/ Lorraine Burroughs/ Lashana Lynch/ Dominique Tipper/ Damian Jones/ Ben Rimmer/ Shani Anderson/ Jeanette Kwakye.
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