Big Finish review-Torchwood: Goodbye Piccadilly

Sgt Andy Davidson wakes up in the 1950s. He’s chained to a bed, his clothes are missing and the building’s on fire. Norton Folgate needs his help. The streets of Soho are swarming with gangsters, rumours and betrayals. Somewhere out there is a mysterious alien artefact, and Andy and Norton have to get to it first. Because tonight they’re going to save Torchwood.

I’ve been looking forward to another adventure with Andy and Norton, since last year’s Ghost Mission. There’s just something about this pairing that works so well. Norton Folgate, played brilliantly by Samuel Barnett, is a welcome addition to the Torchwood range. His witty and flamboyant personality is the perfect foil for Andy’s more serious demeanor.

Goodbye Piccadilly is absolutely gripping, from start to finish, the script is sensational.

The direction is smooth, the sound design is flawless. Tom Price gives another fantastic performance as Andy Davidson, capturing the character’s determination and vulnerability. His chemistry with Samuel Barnett is electric, and their banter is a joy to listen to.

What’s great about this audio, is that all of the London events-bar the alien invasion and the time travel, are real. James Goss took his research for this story extremely seriously, he looked at books such as ‘hidden London’ for inspiration and it shows. The life drawing class, the police raids and, gay men being hosed down are all things that actually happened in the 1950’s.

Big Finish has once again proved that Torchwood Big Finish, is Torchwood at its best. Goodbye Piccadilly is a must-listen for any Torchwood fan. Just remember, Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.