Review-Doctor Who: Once and Future: Time Lord Immemorial

In the first of this month’s two Once & Future releases, the intriguingly titled “Time Lord Immemorial,” Big Finish has taken an unconventional departure from tradition. They’ve chosen not to align the release with the anniversary month, a decision that adds an air of unpredictability to the narrative landscape.

The Once & Future series, known for its narrative complexity, reaches new heights of intricacy in this particular instalment. While the previous episode featuring the Tenth Doctor managed to seamlessly integrate into the overarching storyline, “Time Lord Immemorial” feels somewhat hastily placed between its predecessor and the series’ culminating conclusion. This haste is palpable, and what’s more confounding is that the stakes of the plot far exceed those of the overarching narrative. Yet, they are treated almost as a mere aside.

Our journey commences with the Ninth Doctor, portrayed by the talented Christopher Eccleston, aboard the TARDIS, diligently pursuing “The Union,” an enigmatic clue from the previous instalment. Surprisingly, this time around, we are spared the chaos of incarnation-changing. The Doctor’s realisation of inhabiting an unfamiliar body dawns on the listener only as the story unfolds.
Curiously absent are the hints of other Doctor voices that have become customary in this series. However, the narrative introduces another Doctor, the Unbound Doctor, essayed by the accomplished David Warner, whose origins extend beyond our familiar universe into the realm of alternate realities, as witnessed during the Bernice Summerfield stories.
The meeting of these two Doctors precipitates a thought-provoking debate on the intricacies of TARDIS interiors. Their discourse, however, is abruptly interrupted by a mysterious entity composed of sand, its cryptic utterances forebodingly whispering of the “Sands of Time.” In response, the Doctors resolve to pursue this enigmatic trail.

Simultaneously, on a tranquil beach, we find Liz Chenka, played by Nicola Walker, sharing a moment of relaxation with an unexpected companion – The Lumiat, portrayed by Gina McKee. For those not attuned to the latest Missy box sets, The Lumiat occupies a unique space in the hierarchy of The Master, residing between Missy and the Sacha Dhawan version. Unlike her predecessors and successors, The Lumiat leans towards the side of good. Yet, their peaceful respite is abruptly shattered as they fall prey to the same enigmatic sand creatures that have infiltrated the TARDIS.
Speaking of the TARDIS, it materialises in the grand hall of the “Time Lord Immemorial,” a mythical locale at the heart of the multiverse. Here resides an all-powerful Time Lord, a veritable deity. Moments later, Liv and The Lumiat emerge through the sand creatures, but the group is swiftly dispersed. The Doctor and The Lumiat find themselves in a corridor adorned with vivid murals, each one narrating facets of their own lives. It’s in this surreal setting that The Doctor confronts her true identity and grapples with the notion of embodying a Master incarnation.

Surprisingly, despite its grand scope and the looming cataclysm of the multiverse, the narrative pivots around conversations, with a conspicuous absence of formidable adversaries. A nursery rhyme prophecy, reminiscent of the style often attributed to Steven Moffat, simplifies the plot’s trajectory: the characters will ultimately reach their destination and save the day, as anticipated.

It’s obvious that “Time Lord Immemorial” was penned with haste, seemingly shoehorned in after the Once and Future storyline had been finalised. The potential of the Unbound Doctor and The Lumiat, both characters with intriguing dimensions, remains completely underutilised. The Unbound Doctor, a figure previously explored in the “Doctor Who Unbound” series, delves into “What If?” scenarios for the Doctors. The Lumiat made her debut in “Missy: The Lumiat” and was also featured in the multi-master narrative “Masterful.”

“Time Lord Immemorial” introduces a compelling premise of a collapsing multiverse, but channels it into a narrative where characters predominantly engage in dialogue. They are guided by a nursery rhyme prophecy, while the Once and Future narrative itself experiences limited progression.


Buffy audio play out next month

Exciting news for Scoobies! Prepare to venture back into the Buffyverse through a fresh and thrilling sequel story.

Audible has unveiled an exciting new audio project titled “Slayers: A Buffyverse Story,” featuring the triumphant return of several beloved cast members from the original series.

Among the stars making their way back to the Buffyverse are James Marsters, reprising his iconic role as Spike, Charisma Carpenter, making a comeback as Cordelia Chase, Anthony Head as the ever-wise Rupert Giles, Juliet Landau embracing her role as Drusilla, Emma Caulfield returning as the enigmatic Anya, Amber Benson as the beloved Tara Maclay, James C Leary in his lovable Clem persona, and Danny Strong embodying Jonathan Levinson once more. Joining this stellar ensemble is the talented new addition, Laya DeLeon Hayes.

The new installment is co-crafted by Benson in collaboration with the skilled writer Christopher Golden, the story will resume two-decades after the climactic conclusion of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It will centre on Spike, who has surreptitiously immersed himself in the shadowy underbelly of Los Angeles, persuading the sinister forces that his malevolence has returned. However, his intricate cover is unexpectedly jeopardised when a sixteen-year-old named Indira Nunnally comes into the picture, thrusting him back into the role of overseeing young slayers, a duty he thought he’d left behind for good.

While he attempts to track down a watcher for Indira, their paths collide with the veteran Slayer of a parallel reality where Buffy Summers never existed and where Cordelia Chase is the one-and-only Slayer. She needs Spike’s help with stopping Drusilla, who is terrorising her world.

Marsters said: “I’m ecstatic to be back with my dear friends for this next chapter in the Buffyverse, as we take listeners on a familiar but unexpected journey chock full of horror, passion and mischief. I’m excited for old and new fans to experience this beloved world of vampire slaying like never before, brought to life through immersive audio storytelling.”

Meanwhile, Rachel Ghiazza, Chief Content Officer at Audible said: “Slayers: A Buffyverse Story offers a fresh, dynamic take on a cult-classic that takes listeners on a fun and nostalgic ride. The all-star cast reprising beloved roles, as well as newcomers, bring to life a storyline that will entertain fans of the original series and pull in first-time Sunnydale visitors.”

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story will be available on Audible beginning 12th October 2023.

Check out Bite Me: A Buffy Podcast.

Connor Ratliff Interview

Welcome to Episode 1 of Mart Meets, our new podcast where Martyn engages in conversations with fascinating individuals.

In this debut episode, Martyn has an exciting chat with the multi-talented Connor Ratliff, host of the acclaimed Dead Eyes podcast.

Join them as they dive into Connor’s career, the intriguing world of Dead Eyes, his reunion with Tom Hanks, and exciting upcoming Edinburgh shows. Stay tuned for an engaging conversation on Mart Meets!

For information about Connor’s Edinburgh shows, click here.

The Podcast is avaliable on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon music, Spotify. We also have a smart link.






Trailer-Dune Part 2

Get ready for an epic return to the mesmerising world of Dune in the upcoming Part Two, as the latest trailer unveils a host of familiar faces and intriguing new additions. Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides takes center stage once again, this time embracing his destiny as a leader of an uprising, while Stellan Skarsgård’s terrifying portrayal of Baron Harkonnen sends chills down our spines. Zendaya’s Chani also shines in a more action-packed role, captivating audiences with her presence. However, it’s Christopher Walken’s debut as the formidable Emperor Shaddam IV that steals the spotlight, providing a tantalising glimpse into the power struggles to come.

Picking up seamlessly from the cliffhanger ending of Part One, Dune: Part Two delves deeper into the mythic journey of Paul Atreides as he joins forces with Chani and the Fremen, seeking revenge against those who tore his family apart. The stakes are higher than ever as Paul faces a heart-wrenching choice between the love of his life and the destiny of the entire universe. His unique foresight propels him on a mission to prevent a catastrophic future that only he can envision.

Under the visionary direction of Denis Villeneuve, Dune: Part Two retains the awe-inspiring production and editing talent that made the first installment a visual masterpiece. Brace yourself for breathtaking landscapes, intricate world-building, and immersive storytelling that will transport you to the heart of this captivating universe once more.

Mark your calendars for November 3rd, when Dune: Part Two will grace the big screen, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Prepare for an enthralling continuation of this beloved sci-fi saga, where destiny, love, and the fate of humanity intertwine in a spectacle that will leave audiences spellbound.

The Best Flash Stories: Unforgettable Speedster Adventures

The Flash, the beloved superhero from DC Comics, has captivated readers for decades with his incredible speed, quick wit, and thrilling adventures. Since his debut in 1940, this scarlet speedster has accumulated a vast collection of incredible stories that have defined his legacy in the world of comic books. In this article, we delve into the most unforgettable Flash stories, exploring the breathtaking moments, emotional arcs, and mind-bending concepts that have made the Scarlet Speedster an iconic character.

1. “The Return of Barry Allen” (The Flash Vol. 2 #73-79):

In this classic tale by Mark Waid and Greg LaRocque, Barry Allen, the original Flash, mysteriously returns from the dead. However, things are not as they seem, as an imposter with a sinister agenda lurks in the shadows. This story delves into themes of legacy, identity, and the enduring spirit of heroism.

2. “Flashpoint” (Flashpoint #1-5):

Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert, “Flashpoint” takes readers on a journey through an alternate reality where Barry Allen awakens to a world in chaos. His mission to restore the timeline leads to unexpected alliances and heart-wrenching sacrifices. This groundbreaking event reshaped the DC Universe and set the stage for a new era.

3. “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues” (The Flash Vol. 3 #1-6):

Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul crafted this story arc that introduces readers to a Flash who is falsely accused of murdering his Rogues Gallery. As he fights to clear his name, he uncovers a deeper conspiracy that challenges his trust in those closest to him. With stunning visuals and an intricate plot, this tale showcases the enduring bond between the Flash and his villains.

4. “Blitz” (The Flash Vol. 2 #192-200):

Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins weave an electrifying narrative in “Blitz” as the Flash confronts his most formidable adversary yet: Zoom, a villain who embodies pure speed. With the lives of his loved ones hanging in the balance, Barry must tap into unknown depths of courage and determination to overcome this terrifying threat.

5. “The Flash: Rebirth” (The Flash Vol. 3 #1-6):

In this highly anticipated series written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver, Barry Allen returns to a world that has moved on without him. “The Flash: Rebirth” delves into the complexities of Barry’s resurrection, his reconnection with his family, and his rediscovery of his purpose as the Fastest Man Alive.

6. “Born to Run” (The Flash Vol. 2 #62-65):

Mark Waid and Greg LaRocque provide a definitive origin tale for Wally West, who becomes the Flash after his mentor, Barry Allen. “Born to Run” showcases the emotional journey of a young hero finding his place, grappling with self-doubt, and ultimately embracing his destiny as a guardian of Central City.

The Flash has raced through countless unforgettable adventures throughout his storied history, leaving an indelible mark on comic book storytelling. From the iconic tales of Barry Allen to the transformation of Wally West, these stories have explored themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the enduring legacy of the Flash. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the Scarlet Speedster’s world, these stories stand as a testament to the enduring appeal and limitless potential of the Flash.

The Flash will hit cinemas on 16th June 2023.

Big Finish Review-Doctor Who: Past Lives

Doctor Who, the iconic science-fiction franchise, is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and it’s time to kick off the celebrations in style. In the story titled “Past Lives,” the Doctor and Sarah Jane team up with UNIT to stop giant alien crocodiles. However, the Doctor is not himself, and he needs to solve the mystery of his ‘degeneration’ before he loses himself completely.

The Storyline: The Doctor’s Degeneration

The Time War is over, and the Doctor is injured and brought to a Time Lord field hospital. His body glows with energy, but instead of regenerating into a future form, the Doctor’s past faces begin to appear as he flits haphazardly between incarnations. He staggers to his TARDIS and sets out to solve the mystery of his ‘degeneration.’ The Doctor follows clues to retrace his steps, encountering old friends and enemies along the way. He must stop his degeneration before he loses himself completely.

The Monk’s Meddling

Settling into his Fourth incarnation, the Doctor goes in search of the Monk, with a vague memory that he had something to do with his ‘degeneration.’ Meanwhile, the Monk is meddling, bringing Sarah Jane Smith to the future UNIT HQ to steal a device for an alien race. The Doctor must help Kate Stewart and Osgood foil an invasion before he can confront the Monk about what he knows.

Cast and Performances

Tom Baker kicks off the anniversary celebrations with his brilliant performance in “Past Lives,” where we see the utterly brilliant Sadie Miller reunite with the cast. Jemma Redgrave excels with the audio medium and puts in a great performance here. Ingrid Oliver, who got on nerves in the television series, delivers a great performance as well. Rufus Hound, once more portraying the extremely talented Monk, works well with the rapid pacing of this story.


“Past Lives” is the perfect way to begin the 60th-anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who. The highlight of the story is the interaction between the characters from different eras. It’s great to hear the Doctor’s reaction to seeing Sarah Jane after centuries. The Monk and UNIT crew work well with each other, making it a must-listen story for any Doctor Who fans.


This title was released in May 2023. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until 31 July 2023, and on general sale after this date.

Big Finish Review-Torchwood: Launch Date

Launch Date, the conclusion of the Torchwood “romance trilogy,” brings Aaron Lamont’s deft writing to the forefront, with Ianto Jones, played by Gareth David-Lloyd, taking a back seat to the budding relationship between Geraint and Chrissie, played by Jonathan Hawkins and Gemma Knight Jones.

Lamont’s script is filled with witty dialogue that sets the pace for the story, with Hawkins delivering an effortless performance as the unconfident Geraint. While his Welsh accent occasionally falters, it doesn’t detract much from the overall performance.

Knight-Jones shines as the headstrong and opinionated Chrissie, delivering a performance that evokes a sense of frustration with the world. Lamont’s well-crafted story allows the listener to witness a different side of Ianto, as he plays a peripheral but pivotal role in bringing Geraint and Chrissie closer together. The duologues between the two, as well as the vignettes of their personal lives, are skillfully interspersed, with Callum Lloyd’s annoying but endearing portrayal of Joe adding a delightful touch of humour to the mix.

While the story has some light and funny moments, the climax is slightly underwhelming, as it’s evident from the beginning that Ianto is playing matchmaker. Nonetheless, the character interactions are written and played in a thoughtful and nuanced manner, with David-Lloyd’s performance being consistently on top form.

Overall, Launch Date is a solid story, with Lamont’s writing and the cast’s performances making it a fitting conclusion to the Torchwood “romance trilogy.”


Torchwood: Launch Date is now available to own as a collector’s edition CD + download for £10.99 or as a digital download for £8.99, exclusively from Big Finish.


The six-issue run of Tom Taylor’s Jon Kent series is a thrilling adventure that exemplifies the comic book genre’s finest qualities. Taylor’s storytelling is a masterclass in balancing character development with action-packed sequences that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

In this arc, Jon Kent embarks on a mission to the Multiverse to track down Ultraman, the cruel and sadistic chairman of the Crime Syndicate who had kidnapped and tortured him years ago. Ultraman’s reign of terror across the multiverse has resulted in the death of every Kal-el he can find, making him a formidable adversary to take on.

Taylor’s characterization of Jon Kent is one of the standout features of the series. Despite his invincibility, Jon is not immune to the emotional toll of being a superhero, and his scars run deep. Taylor expertly highlights this aspect of the character in the emotional farewells Jon shares with Jay and Lois before departing on his mission.

The action sequences are expertly choreographed, with Ultraman’s brutality on full display. He may not be the most intelligent of the evil Supermen, but his brute strength and sadistic tendencies make him a force to be reckoned with. Jon’s newfound powers, coupled with their limitations, provide a refreshing twist to the battle between the two old enemies.

But it’s not just Ultraman that Jon has to contend with. The Injustice Superman’s unexpected entrance sets up a surprising turn of events that showcases Taylor’s desire to add more nuance to the universe beyond being just another fight comic.

Overall, Tom Taylor’s Jon Kent series is a must-read for fans of the genre. The emotional depth of the characters, expertly crafted action sequences, and unexpected plot twists make for an enjoyable and memorable reading experience.



Netflix has exciting news for fans of the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ franchise. A brand-new anime series titled ‘Scott Pilgrim The Anime’ has been ordered by the streaming giant, based on the popular comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley. The series will feature the original cast from Edgar Wright’s 2010 cult movie ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ voicing the characters, with Wright serving as an executive producer. The new series is being produced by anime house Science SARU and promises to expand the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ universe in exciting ways.

O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski are serving as executive producers, writers, and showrunners, and are sure to bring their unique creative vision to the project. Wright expressed his excitement at the opportunity to reunite the entire original cast for the project, saying, “Original creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, along with writer BenDavid Grabinski, have conjured up an anime series of Scott Pilgrim that doesn’t just expand the universe, but also… well, just watch it. I’m more than happy to announce that I have helped coax the entire original cast back to voice their characters on this epic new adventure. You are in for a treat.”

No premiere date for ‘Scott Pilgrim The Anime’ has been announced yet, but it will be available to stream worldwide on Netflix.

Best animated Superman adventures

Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and for good reason, he’s been saving the world for over 80 years. With countless comic book appearances, TV shows, and movies, it’s safe to say that Superman has become a beloved cultural icon. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 animated Superman films of all time.

1. Superman: Red Son (2020):

What if Superman was raised in Soviet Russia instead of Smallville, Kansas? That’s the premise of Superman: Red Son, one of the most unique Superman stories ever told. This animated film does an excellent job of adapting the acclaimed comic book series by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson. The animation style is stunning, and the voice acting is top-notch, with Jason Isaacs delivering a fantastic performance as the Soviet Superman.

2. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009):

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is a fun, action-packed animated film that sees Superman and Batman team up to take down Lex Luthor, who has become the President of the United States. The animation style is reminiscent of the comic book artwork, and the voice acting is superb, with Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy reprising their roles as Superman and Batman, respectively.

3. All-Star Superman (2011):

All-Star Superman is based on the comic book series of the same name by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, and it’s a beautiful love letter to the Man of Steel. The animation style is unique, and the voice acting is excellent, with James Denton delivering a fantastic performance as Superman. This film does an excellent job of capturing the essence of Superman, showcasing his compassion and selflessness.

4. Superman: Doomsday (2007):

Superman: Doomsday is an adaptation of the infamous “Death of Superman” storyline from the comic books. The animation style is solid, and the voice acting is excellent, with Adam Baldwin delivering a great performance as Superman. This film is a thrilling ride, as Superman faces off against his toughest opponent yet: the unstoppable Doomsday.

5. Superman: The Animated Series (1996-2000):

Okay, so this isn’t technically a film, but Superman: The Animated Series deserves a spot on this list. This classic animated series features the iconic voice of Tim Daly as Superman, and it’s a must-watch for any fan of the Man of Steel. The series does an excellent job of capturing the spirit of Superman, showcasing his courage and compassion.

And there you have it, folks, the top 5 animated Superman films of all time. Whether you’re a die-hard Superman fan or just looking for some great superhero entertainment, these films are sure to impress. From the alternate reality of Superman: Red Son to the classic animated series, there’s something for everyone on this list. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the adventures of the Man of Steel.