Episode 133:Jon Schnepp/Holly Payne interview

Martyn talks to director Jon Schnepp, and producer Holly Payne, about their upcoming documentary, The Death Of Superman Lives: What happened?

Martyn and Jon then geek out about Superhero movies in general.

Jon Schnepp has directed episodes of Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros. and a segment of The ABC’s of Death. He is also known for his work with Collider, appearing regularly as a panelist on the site’s Collider Movie Talk, Collider Nightmares, and Collider Heroes series, the latter of which he hosts. His company, Schneppzone, works on short films and television series.

Jon and Holly will be screening the movie at the MCM expo on May 22 and 23rd, get tickets here.

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Trailer-The Death of superman lives:What happened?

The final trailer has been released for The death of Superman lives:What Happened? 

The documentary is directed by Jon Schnepp and is a fascinating look into the failed Tim Burton Superman project.  The Death of Superman Live: What Happened? 

It includes interviews with Tim Burton, Jon Peters, screenwriters Kevin Smith and Dan Gilroy, and many, many more more.

As a life long Superman fan, I have long been interested in the details of this failed project. This documentary seems to be the most insightful look we’ll get. 

The film is released worldwide onJuly 9th, via streaming, DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD.