New clip-The Expendables 3

Here is a brand new clip for The Expendables 3, it features Randy Couture and Wesley Snipes and pokes fun at Snipes’ recent stint in Jail for tax evasion.

THE EXPENDABLES 3, blasts into cinemas on Thursday 14th August 2014.

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Trailer-Expendables 3

Here is a trailer for the upcoming Expendables 3. I’ll admit, I’m excited for this.
I’ve enjoyed both the previous and I’ll be going to see this on opening night.

Expendables 3 comes out in August.

the Expendables 3 cast pictures

Lionsgate have unveiled a plethora of cast pictures from Expendables 3.
The pictures show cast members from the previous two films, as well as new cast such as Harrison Ford and Kelsey Grammar.
The film comes out in August.

















Rocky Blu-Ray release


To celebrate the release of Rocky:The Heavyweight Collection on blu ray, I attended a special screening held by Twentieth Century Fox.
The Heavyweight Collection features all 6 classic movies along with a ton of new extras.

Also in attendance was heavyweight boxer David “The Hayemaker”.
Haye has long held a passion for boxing. He began training at age six, at the now famous Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club in South London.
He quickly excelled as a junior boxer and won several of his fights.

_MB00090  _MB00113(1)

Before the screening Haye took part in Q&A with TalkSport host, Steve Bunce. Once Dave was seated and comfortable the inevitable question was asked “how much do you like Rocky?”.
Haye replied that he didn’t start from the first one but the 3rd installment of Rocky, which he loved and had seen a few times before he went back to watch the first two.

Haye was laid back and spoke candidly about the fight against ‘The Big Hairy Russian’ Wladimir Klitschko and the injury that made him retire from boxing.
The injury is still visible, Haye at times found it difficult to hold the mic.

When asked about his inspiration he mentioned a few boxers, including Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone, but his main influence was Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers in history.

Haye went on to speak about his future plans of opening a Health Spa, in Dubai. He also aims to break in to acting.

It was a great experience to have seen David Haye and listen to some of his experiences and his future plans, he expects to make a full recovery I hope he gets a chance to fight in the ring once again.

As a man of my age, it’s slightly embarrassing to admit that this was my first introduction in to the world of Rocky Balboa. I look forward to going the distance with The Heavyweight collection



The Rocky Heavyweight Collection on Blu-ray is out now from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


The Expendables 2 teams with Say What You See app for action

To celebrate the UK release of THE EXPENDABLES 2 this Thursday, 16th August, from Lionsgate UK, Big Ideas Digital is running a limited offer with their hugely popular mobile app game Say What You See: The Collection™ to give users free access to their popular Action Movies canvas.
Featuring hidden objects that relate to a host of films from the extensive action-packed back catalogue of the film’s cast, which includes Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Action Movies iCanvas is part of the recently released Say What You See: The Collection™.
Created by Big Ideas Digital, Say What You See™ is a hidden object game in the style of Where’s Wally?, but with a cryptic twist – once you’ve scoured each oil painting (or iCanvas) for objects, you’ll have to unravel their meaning too. The company’s second release, Say What You See: The Collection™ is an access-all-areas pass to puzzling pleasure that includes a built-in hints system and full Game Center compatibility, so you can compare scores and earn achievements.
The limited offer Action Movies puzzle canvas can be accessed from or the App Store at

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