Film review-Chef

Director John Favreau brings together an all-star cast including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Sofia Vergara for his deliciously entertaining film Chef. While the story itself is heartwarming and engaging, it’s the mouth-watering food that steals the show. Favreau’s passion for the project is evident, as he went method in preparation for his role and even worked in a busy kitchen in Los Angeles under the guidance of the person who launched the food-truck revolution, Roy Choi, who is also a co-producer on the film.

Favreau delivers a standout performance as Carl Casper, a semi-celebrity chef who, after receiving a harsh review from a renowned food critic, finds himself searching for a new path in life. Together with his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) and son (Emjay Anthony), Carl embarks on a cross-country journey in a food truck, rekindling his love for cooking and his bond with his son.

Filled with heart and humour, Chef is a refreshing departure from the summer blockbuster formula. While it may not have the biggest marketing budget, Chef is a cinematic gem that is not to be missed. But be warned, you’ll want to eat before seeing it!


US Del-Boy cast for Only Fools and Horses remake

It’s a remake that US networks have been trying to do since the early ’90s and like it or not, the American remake of Only Fools and Horses is finally going ahead.

ABC has announced that John Leguizamo will play the role made famous by David Jason. They have described Del as being “an overly confident bon vivant and con artist who trades crap out of the back of his car, cheerful and oblivious to the fact that he is a lowlife scamster.”

John Leguizamo is a very capable actor, with credits including Romeo + Juliet, ER and Ice Age.

The character will still be called Del. Rodney and the rest of the characters have yet to be cast. The show is being written by former Scrubs writers Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley.