DVD review-Sex tape

In the film, “Sex Tape,” Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz play a married couple with kids who are struggling to find time for intimacy. Segal’s character is inexplicably given a stack of iPads, which he hands out to people he knows after syncing them to his email address. This plot point stretches believability, as it’s unlikely someone would activate an iPad with their own details and then hand it over to someone else.

To make matters worse, the couple discovers that they accidentally recorded themselves acting out the Kama Sutra on one of the iPads. After receiving a text from an unknown number, they embark on a wild night in LA’s suburbs to retrieve all of the iPads they gave away.

Unfortunately, the film feels like a stretched-out, rejected episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” The only source of genuine laughs comes from Rob Lowe, who shamelessly pokes fun at his own sex tape past.

Despite the lackluster plot and character development, the iPad itself seems to be the most fleshed-out and believable character in the film.