DVD review: Micky Flanagan: The Out Out Tour

If you like stand up comedy then you can’t go wrong with this offering from Micky Flanagan.
The DVD includes a whole host of new materiel, as well as some of his older material, which includes the jokes “out-out” and asking for ketchup in a restaurant.
Flanagan’s charm is that he comes across as less of a performer and more as a friend, talking to a room full of friends. Which adds to his warmth and depth.
Micky went to a school where driving a van was an ambition too far beyond the comprehension of the average student.
Micky is a skillful comedian and excels at observational humor. If you prefer your comedians safe, like Michael McIntyre, then this isn’t for you.
Micky Flanagan is a star in the making, it takes a serious amount of skill to turn the mundanity of watching a kettle boil, or running a bath into a laugh out loud stand-up routine, but he manages it effortlessly.
The DVD is available for £11.99 from amazon

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