Review-Dirk Gently at Home

Dirk’s former clients are turning up dead in the finale of this new trio of episodes. Inspector Gilks finds Dirk at home and what a home it is. The Holistic Detective’s war with his cleaner is evident throughout the house and it’s a good job this trips up Gilks and his men.

None of this troubles Gently, who’s too busy courting his latest client, an attractive blonde lady who has come to the agency to track down her stalker. The receptionist Janice certainly won’t be showing her in and Macduff can barely get a word in edgewise, which is a pity as he’s trying to resign from the partnership.

This episode has all the hallmarks of a finale, with more peril set upon the regular characters than even Dirk himself can provoke gangs in unmarked vans, suspicious drug paraphernalia, knife throwing and even Bible study. The fundamental interconnectedness of all things may have sealed our heroes’ fate this time, but it’s a laugh finding out. Sherlock’s kooky cousin has an unfair advantage in its use of comedy but you can’t keep the new classics down.

Episode three airs on BBC4 tonight, Monday, 19 March at 9 pm. See clips of all three episodes at the page for Dirk Gently at BBC Four.