Big Finish Review-Torchwood: Deadbeat Escape

On a stormy and ominous evening, Hywel Roberts unwittingly steps into a world of terror and danger at a peculiar hotel, where a familiar foe of Torchwood lurks in wait. As the curtains close on the latest series of Torchwood audios, we are left with a collection of exceptional tales that have kept us on the edge of our seats.

In this monthly range, Big Finish has taken a bold step by focusing on a series antagonist, Bilis Manger, and allowing the character to take centre stage without the interference of the Torchwood team. It’s a testament to the confidence that Big Finish has in the Torchwood range and the writers’ ability to create gripping stories.

In “Deadbeat Escape,” we are treated to a spine-chilling tale that could easily fit into a ghostly anthology or Hammer horror film. It’s a departure from the usual Torchwood fare, as we are transported to a more traditional spooky story that doesn’t rely on jokes or pop culture references.

The story is told from the perspective of Hywel Roberts, a relatable and charming new character who unwittingly checks into the eerie hotel. We know from the start that his fate is sealed, which adds to the tension and elevates the stakes of the story.

Murray Melvin as Bilis Manger is as mysterious, charming, and menacing as ever, and Gareth Pierce delivers a standout performance as Hywel Roberts. Despite the absence of the regular Torchwood team, “Deadbeat Escape” still manages to embody the emotive and eerie narrative that we have come to associate with the series.

Deadbeat Escape is a perfect ending to the latest series of Torchwood audios. The exceptional writing and performances leave a lasting impression and cement the series’ place as a master of horror storytelling.