Review-Fight For The Remote: Episode 2

The Past/Present Predicament

Episode two starts with an argument, Jon and Alice have just had the dinner party that was mentioned in episode one. Jon has been less than the perfect boyfriend and Alice isn’t happy.  Jon at his sarcastic best criticises Alice’s friend’s new doctor boyfriend, with the great line “all those orphans with prosthetic arms and real hands, work that one out”.
The fall-out from the fight lasts a few days, the pair then turn to their friends for advice and the episode soon turns into a sweet and touching flashback. This is the origin of their relationship.

I won’t give away too much of the plot, but this is a brilliant episode. It’s full of pop culture references, from classic kids insults on a bus to Young Frankenstein.
What makes Fight for the remote so great is that Jon and Alice are so familiar to anyone who has been in a long-term relationship. The arguments and conversations feel authentic. The writers have truly managed to capture the mundanity of the long-term relationship; Alice summed it up best when she told Jon “I remember when we used to have a life and not just a Lovefilm account”.

I, erm had something in my eye when Jon made his romantic dash down the stairs.

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