Review-Doctor Who: Origins #1

In DOCTOR WHO: ORIGINS #1, released on June 8th, 2022 by Titan Comics, we embark on a new mission with the Fugitive Doctor, who must stop a dangerous cult from destroying Gallifrey. But, as expected in the world of Doctor Who, things are not quite as they seem.

Whilst The Timeless Children storyline proved to be controversial, fans mostly agreed that Jo Martin’ was fantastic as The Fugitive Doctor. She made a huge impact when she first appeared on screen in the long-running series. Her unexpected and mysterious introduction left fans wondering who she really was and where she fit into the Doctor’s complicated timeline.

Martin’s portrayal of the Fugitive Doctor was intriguing and compelling, capturing the essence of the character in a fresh and unique way. Her performance garnered praise from both fans and critics alike, and it’s exciting to see her character explored further in DOCTOR WHO: ORIGINS #1.

As always, writer Jody Houser provides readers with an exciting opportunity to get to know the Fugitive Doctor during her time working for the Division. We see her personality traits that eventually lead her to become a Fugitive, making for an engaging introduction to this incarnation of the Doctor. However, the art by Roberta Ingranata has some issues, particularly with consistency in the Fugitive Doctor’s anatomy and overuse of copy/pasting.

The highlight of the issue is Houser’s portrayal of the Fugitive Doctor, who is wise, sharp, and headstrong. She assumes an authoritative role when paired up with a junior member of the Division, showcasing why she is held in high regard. The mission at hand seems suspicious from the start, and readers can see how it will eventually lead to a split with the Division, serving as an excellent motivation point for her future.

The issue starts with a thrilling scene featuring the Fugitive Doctor in a darkened hallway, followed by an encounter with a giant Nebula Spider and a rescue by a Weeping Angel. Later, she receives a new assignment from the Division and is paired with Taslo, a freshly-graduated agent. The mission takes them to various cult strongholds, and the issue ends with a surprising meeting and the discovery of a unique way to store weaponry.

Overall, DOCTOR WHO: ORIGINS #1 is an intriguing start to a series that explores one of the lesser-known Doctors in Time Lord history. Houser’s writing gives the Fugitive Doctor a strong and assertive personality, while the mission provides plenty of opportunities for further exploration. However, the inconsistent art detracts from the overall reading experience.


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