How to survive a London comic con

With the MCM expo fast approaching, I thought I would compile a handy guide to help you survive a London comic con.

1. Arrive Early

Parking fills up quickly and public transport gets exceedingly busy. I recommend arriving at 8:30 AM and going for breakfast at a local restaurant. You’ll then have plenty of time to queue, before the doors open at 10 AM.
This will also give you time to check out the schedule to see what you would want to do for the day.

2. Virtual queues
A lot of the big-name (most expensive stars) will have a deli ticket style virtual queue. Hit all the big-name stars first, then come back at your allocated time.

3. Go For Comfort

Wear Comfortable shoes and clothing – you will be doing a lot of walking, standing and sweating.
Even in the winter, it will be exceedingly hot in the venue, so shorts are ideal.
Nobody likes a smelly fan, so double spray/roll the amount of deodorant you would normally, I’d also recommend carrying some in a backpack.

4. Take a backpack

Bring a small backpack for your snacks and memorabilia.
Also, think about your phone battery too, a portable charger will set you back about £15.

5. Bring Your Own

Bring water and snacks with you. Con prices for food and drink are ridiculous.
I normally take three small bottles of water, a caffeinated drink, and a couple of bananas.

6. Schedule a Break

If you get tired, there are tables to sit at, but these fill up pretty quickly.
I recommend finding a pub a short walk from the venue.

7. Plan

The best way to make your time at a con enjoyable is to plan out a strategy on how to spend your day. Check out the timetable online before the event and mark what you really want to go. Also, make an alternate list in case you can’t get in or don’t want to wait in a long line. If you’re only going for one day – check the programs and find the booths/celebrities you would be most interested in and check those out first, then check out the other fun stuff.