Episode 10: Hulk Boobs

Martyn and Gerrod discuss Sherlock, Doctor Who: The Lodger, a pair of Hulk boobs and the recent interview with Torchwood’s Kai Owen. They also get Glen’s view on Doctor Who.

The Lodger” is the eleventh episode of the fifth series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, first broadcast on BBC One on 12 June 2010. It was written by Gareth Roberts, who based the story on his 2006 Doctor Who Magazine comic strip “The Lodger”.

The episode features the Doctor (Matt Smith) stranded on Earth and separated from his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), when an unknown force prevents his time-traveling spaceship, the TARDIS, from landing. To investigate, he moves into the flat of Craig Owens (James Corden) and attempts to fit in with ordinary humans while unknowingly playing matchmaker for Craig and his good friend Sophie (Daisy Haggard).