David Tennant in series 9?

It’s now a well known fact that both David Tennant and former Doctor Who show runner Russell T Davies are in Cardiff. We just don’t know why.
Online speculation has been rife that Tennant is filming for the series 9 finale.

The rumour is that the series will culminate with the Twelfth Doctor returning to Pompeii and finding out just why he has that face. In the first promo picture for series 9, Pompeii is in the background of the right hand side.

The current show runner Steven Moffat has said that will be addressed this series.

A BBC source told us:

“I can confirm that David Tennant has been in the BBC Roath Lock studios twice this week. The number of security has also been increased for next week. So something is happening.”

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean David Tennant is actually appearing in an episode. Former Doctor Who executives, Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner have just launched Bad Wolf Productions, which is based in Cardiff. It’s entirely possible that both Tennant and Davies are there to talk about working on a new unrelated show. Why wouldn’t they pop in the Doctor Who set whilst in town?

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