Big Finish review-The Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince

The Doctor Who spin-off, Class, returns in audio form with Big Finish’s latest release, Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince. While there are limitations to the storytelling, due to licensing restrictions, writer Blair Mowat has managed to craft a compelling narrative that will thrill fans of the series.

The story is largely told through Charlie’s diary, with a focus on his relationship with Matteusz, as they navigate the dangerous world of Coal Hill Academy. While the scattered approach to retelling events from the series may be confusing for newcomers, Mowat’s script manages to balance the need for recap with the desire for new material. He adds depth and complexity to existing characters and concepts, while also introducing new twists and surprises that keep the story exciting and unpredictable.

Mowat’s ability to capture the essence of Class is what makes Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince such a standout release. As a writer who has been involved with the world of Doctor Who in various capacities over the years, Mowat brings a unique perspective to the story of Class that feels both familiar and fresh. His focus on character development allows listeners to better understand the progression of Charlie and Matteusz’s relationship, and his use of Charlie’s diary as a framing device is particularly effective, as it allows for a personal and introspective look at the events of the series.

The final scenes of the play are particularly exciting and surprising, with twists and hidden secrets that cast everything that’s gone before in a whole new light. While reviewers have been requested not to reveal anything about these scenes, they are enough to get your heart beating faster at the sheer audacity of what’s happening.

It’s also worth noting the excellent production values of Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince. The sound design and music are top-notch, immersing listeners in the world of Coal Hill Academy and adding to the overall sense of tension and drama.

The Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince is an essential purchase for anyone invested in the goings-on at Coal Hill Academy. Mowat has set the stage for any future Class sets and promises a thrilling ride for fans.

Class: Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince, written by the original TV series’ music composer, Blair Mowat, is now available to own for just £10.99 (CD + download) or £8.99 (download only) from The exclusive audio will be strictly limited to a pressing of 1,000 CDs.