My 6am (pre caffeine) thoughts on Batfleck

In a surprise announcement, Ben Affleck has been revealed as the new Batman, set to star alongside Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel 2,” slated for release on July 19th, 2015.

It’s a testament to Affleck’s rapid ascent as a director that my initial thought upon hearing the news was that he was being announced as the film’s director. While some skeptics have already voiced their disapproval, they were likely the same people who doubted that a skinny Welshman could play Batman, that Gary Oldman was a poor choice for Gordon, and that a muscular Australian could never pull off the Joker.

Affleck’s lifelong love for Batman is well-documented, having even used his first significant paycheck to build himself a Batcave. As an Oscar-winning writer and multi-award winning director, his mere presence on set is sure to elevate everyone behind the scenes to up their game. Now, all he needs to do is buy Zack Snyder a tripod.

If you’re one of the skeptics, just remember the doubts that were raised before Michael Keaton played Batman, before Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker, before Gary Oldman embodied Gordon, before Anne Hathaway donned the Catwoman costume, before Matt Smith became the Doctor, and before Daniel Craig stepped into the role of James Bond.

Personally, I think Affleck is an excellent choice, and I can’t wait to see him don the cape and cowl.