Kevin Smith is killing off Silent Bob

You may or may not know that Kevin Smith is working on a “True North Trilogy” of films set in Canada, the first was Tusk, the second is the upcoming Yoga Hosers. The third will be Moose Jaws, which Smith describes as “Jaws with a Moose”. 

The writer/director/actor/Podcaster talked about the final instalment in the trilogy, in an interview with the Australian News Outlet
In the interview Smith reveals that he and Jason Mewes will reprise their roles as Jay and Silent Bob. It turns out this is going to be the film in which he kills off Silent Bob. 

Smith said:

“I just finished writing the scene where Silent Bob gets eaten by the moose. That’s how he fucking goes out!

Isn’t that fun? I was talking to Jay Mewes about Moose Jaws and I’m like, ‘I’m thinking about bringing us in as the Captain Quint character’. And he goes, ‘Yeah, but Quint gets killed!’ I was like, ‘One of us has to get eaten’. And he was like, ‘You. Not me’. I was like, ‘Why?’ And he was like, ‘Because I wanna be in other movies!’ Fair enough, dude. So, rather than let him go out with dignity, he’ll be eaten by a fucking moose.”

Seeing as Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3 are still in development, I’d say we have a few more years of Silent Bob yet.