Buffy audio play out next month

Exciting news for Scoobies! Prepare to venture back into the Buffyverse through a fresh and thrilling sequel story.

Audible has unveiled an exciting new audio project titled “Slayers: A Buffyverse Story,” featuring the triumphant return of several beloved cast members from the original series.

Among the stars making their way back to the Buffyverse are James Marsters, reprising his iconic role as Spike, Charisma Carpenter, making a comeback as Cordelia Chase, Anthony Head as the ever-wise Rupert Giles, Juliet Landau embracing her role as Drusilla, Emma Caulfield returning as the enigmatic Anya, Amber Benson as the beloved Tara Maclay, James C Leary in his lovable Clem persona, and Danny Strong embodying Jonathan Levinson once more. Joining this stellar ensemble is the talented new addition, Laya DeLeon Hayes.

The new installment is co-crafted by Benson in collaboration with the skilled writer Christopher Golden, the story will resume two-decades after the climactic conclusion of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It will centre on Spike, who has surreptitiously immersed himself in the shadowy underbelly of Los Angeles, persuading the sinister forces that his malevolence has returned. However, his intricate cover is unexpectedly jeopardised when a sixteen-year-old named Indira Nunnally comes into the picture, thrusting him back into the role of overseeing young slayers, a duty he thought he’d left behind for good.

While he attempts to track down a watcher for Indira, their paths collide with the veteran Slayer of a parallel reality where Buffy Summers never existed and where Cordelia Chase is the one-and-only Slayer. She needs Spike’s help with stopping Drusilla, who is terrorising her world.

Marsters said: “I’m ecstatic to be back with my dear friends for this next chapter in the Buffyverse, as we take listeners on a familiar but unexpected journey chock full of horror, passion and mischief. I’m excited for old and new fans to experience this beloved world of vampire slaying like never before, brought to life through immersive audio storytelling.”

Meanwhile, Rachel Ghiazza, Chief Content Officer at Audible said: “Slayers: A Buffyverse Story offers a fresh, dynamic take on a cult-classic that takes listeners on a fun and nostalgic ride. The all-star cast reprising beloved roles, as well as newcomers, bring to life a storyline that will entertain fans of the original series and pull in first-time Sunnydale visitors.”

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story will be available on Audible beginning 12th October 2023.

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