Who next?

There are many debates happening on social network sites regarding Doctor Who. What are you hoping for from season 7? What do you think will happen during the 50th anniversary year? etc. etc. What nobody seems to discuss is who’s next?

Now before you all attack me for wishing Matt Smith would go, please hear me out. Matt has done an incredible job – he has really made the role his own and is second only to Colin Baker in my affections so I want Matt to stay in the part forever. However, I am a realist that has gut instincts that I usually keep to myself. So why am I bringing this subject up now I hear you cry? well, a couple of reasons as it happens.

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It was pointed out to me this week – by my mother – that I may have been wrong when filling out my census. Apparently the “what is your religion” question was supposed to have a more conventional answer than the choice I made of “Whovian.”

For those of you that do not know, (why don’t you?) Whovian is a fanatic of all things Doctor Who. I had heard that many thousands of people answered “Jedi” on the last one and thought I would have a little joke with the guys that have to read and analyse all these millions of bits of paper. Then I got to thinking – which is never a good sign – Whovian is my religion! I have actually thought this through and will layout for you now my argument.

I would like to start though by explaining these are the thoughts of a non-religious, slightly mad and very tired chef with a warped sense of humour and are not to be taken too seriously. They’re certainly not meant as disrespect to those of you that are religious! I guess I’m asking you to read this and not to hurt me afterwards! Continue reading Whovian