Behind the Scenes of Torchwood: An Interview with Kai Owen

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Welsh actor Kai Owen, best known for his role as Rhys Williams in the hit science fiction series Torchwood. Kai shares with us his experiences working on the show, his thoughts on the character of Rhys, and his career in acting.

We start the interview with a discussion of Kai’s background and how he got started in acting. We explore his early roles in Welsh television and theatre, and how he eventually landed the role of Rhys Williams in Torchwood. We also talk about the audition process and how Kai prepared for the role.

We then dive into a discussion of Torchwood, and Kai shares his insights on the show’s unique blend of science fiction, action, and drama. We explore the evolution of his character, Rhys, throughout the series, and how he developed a strong bond with lead actress Eve Myles, who played Gwen Cooper. We also touch on some of the show’s most memorable moments, and how they affected the cast and crew.

Throughout the interview, Kai is warm, engaging, and candid, sharing his thoughts and reflections on his career and the world of acting. He also offers some advice and encouragement for aspiring actors, and talks about some of his upcoming projects.

Overall, this episode offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Torchwood, one of the most beloved science fiction series of the past decade, as well as an intimate glimpse into the life and career of a talented and passionate actor.

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