Blu Ray review-Reign of the supermen

Six months after Superman (Jerry O’Connell) sacrificed himself to defeat Doomsday, the world has been introduced to four new versions of the man of steel; Superboy, Steel, Cyborg-Superman, and the Eradicator. Each one of them is very different in their personalities and crime-fighting style compared to the original Man of Steel; leaving the world questioning which one, if any, is the true Superman.

At 87 minutes, this is one of the longer DC Universe Animated films. But the extra length enables it to achieve a number of things, such as continuing threads that were set up in ‘The Death of Superman’. We also get a great amount of character development, not only do we see some really touching moments between the Kents and Lois Lane (Rebecca Romijn). We also see Lois develop a friendship with Wonder Woman (Rosario Dawson). Lex Luthor also plays a very active role in this story-excellently voiced by Rainn Wilson. It also allows for the film to set up the wider DC animated universe.

DC’s animation department has once again proven their prowess with “Reign of the Supermen,” a triumph of a film. Despite its source material being a comic book from 1993, writers Tim Sheridan and Jim Krieg, along with director Sam Liu, manage to infuse the movie with a fresh and engaging feel. They fully comprehend the importance of the original comics to fans and flawlessly adapt them for the screen.

The film’s tone, darker and edgier, is something that DC’s live-action department should be striving for. The heroes’ actions have consequences, adding depth and weight to the story. However, it’s not without its lighter moments, making it an enjoyable experience for all. “Reign of the Supermen” is a prime example of the type of movie that DC’s live-action department should be emulating.

REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN is available now on Digital Download, Blu-ray™ and DVD

The Blu Ray special features include;

Lex Luthor:The greatest nemesis

Sneak peak at Justice League vs The Fatal Five

From the vault-two bonus cartoons.