Nina Sosanya interview

I was lucky enough to take part in an e-mail interview with Nina Sosanya, about her role in Sky One’s adaptation of Treasure Island.

What attracted you to this project??

I love dressing up! I’ve done a lot of Shakespeare and his contemporaries on stage, and I get to dress up in corsets and big wigs quite a lot for that. But on television, a lot of the stuff that I do is contemporary, where I’m wearing stuff from Next. This is just right up my street really and it’s a great adventure. The whole genre is incredibly romantic. It’s fun, though not in a Pirates of the Caribbean way – it’s quite dark, it’s quite earthy and I kind of liked all of that. I wish I could have played a pirate and I think Alibe is the next best thing.

Can you describe your character?

She is talked about very briefly at the end of the book when they’re talking about what Silver does and they say that he goes off with his ‘mulatto’ wife. She has no name and it’s about as much mention as she gets. I’m playing Alibe Silver who is that wife.

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