If you’re looking for a break from the stress of COVID-19 and 2021, you might want to consider watching a world-ending disaster movie. Although the trailer for the film Greenland initially seemed like a generic Gerard Butler disaster movie, it turns out to be a more nuanced take on the genre. The story follows John Garrity, a Scottish structural engineer living in Atlanta, Georgia, as he tries to reunite with his estranged wife and diabetic son amid an impending disaster.

Unlike many disaster movies, Greenland focuses on themes of human survival and how people react in times of crisis. The film portrays the family’s encounters with people who are terrible, opportunistic, and altruistic, adding a realistic feel to the proceedings. Morena Baccarin and Gerard Butler’s chemistry is wonderful, and they feel authentic as a troubled couple doing what they can to save their son.

While some viewers may find the film to be a slow burn, others might appreciate its more nuanced take on the disaster movie genre. Given the global crisis we’ve all recently experienced, Greenland’s themes of human survival and the best and worst of humanity may resonate more deeply.

Greenland is available on Prime Video starting February 5th.