Big Finish review-Torchwood: The Sins of Captain John

The Sins of Captain John is a Torchwood release that boasts a fun and engaging four-episode story arc written by David Llewellyn. From zombies in Restoration London to the gates of Hell crashing a funeral, James Marsters as Captain John Hart leads the audience on a wild, unpredictable ride. This release is not suitable for younger listeners due to its adult themes and language.

James Marsters truly shines in his portrayal of the swashbuckling Captain John, and it’s clear that he has a great deal of affection for the character. He breaks the fourth wall with ease, creating a connection with the audience akin to that of the Whoniverse’s answer to Deadpool. Even the director gets in on the fun in a moment where Captain John laments not being able to hear the theme song. It’s an incredible performance by James Marsters as Captain John Hart. Marsters delivers an absolutely stellar performance, showcasing his versatility as an actor and his ability to portray a wide range of emotions. He has the ability to convey the complex emotions of his character. Captain John is a complex character, and Marsters does an excellent job of portraying his many facets. He can be charming and witty one moment, and then cruel and ruthless the next. It’s a testament to Marsters’ skill as an actor that he is able to make all of these aspects of Captain John feel so believable. It’s evident that Marsters has a deep affection for the character, and he seems to relish every moment of his time as Captain John.

One of the things that makes Marsters’ portrayal of Captain John so enjoyable is his ability to break the fourth wall effortlessly. He talks directly to the audience, often making fun of his own situation and poking fun at the other characters. This creates a unique connection between Captain John and the audience, and it makes the listening experience all the more enjoyable.

David Llewellyn’s script is both fast-paced and funny, and Scott Handcock’s direction expertly matches the tone of the story. The supporting cast is also incredibly talented, each giving a memorable performance without outshining Captain John.

Overall, The Sins of Captain John is an excellent addition to the Torchwood canon, and fans of the show will undoubtedly enjoy this latest instalment. It’s been 12 years since we first met the character, and it’s great to hear James Marsters back in the role, leading us on his own adventures. The only thing left to say is, to roll on to Volume 2!


James Marsters returns to Big Finish

James Marsters, the star of cult television shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and, Angel. Is set to reprise his role as Captain John Hart, in a series of his own adventures in the Torchwood audio universe.

The rambunctious, deadly and ever-so charming captain will be back at the helm in a new four-story box set, The Sins of Captain John, created by Big Finish Productions in association with BBC Studios.

Captain John Hart made his audio debut in The Death of Captain Jack, released in March 2018. In this story he killed the entire Torchwood team – including John Barrowman’s supposedly immortal Captain Jack Harkness.

He also married Queen Victoria and had no less than three ‘relationships’ with characters from history. Who knows what he’ll get up to in this next box set of adventures!

James Marsters said:

“Doing The Death of Captain Jack was incredible! I have missed doing Torchwood so much. Beyond being proud of playing a part in it, the character itself is a blast to play, and those two episodes just weren’t enough.”

Set for release in January 2020, The Sins of Captain John will see Captain John Hart leading the universe into rack and ruin in four new adventures…

The Restored
Escape from Nebazz
Peach Blossom Heights
Darker Purposes

In these stories we’ll find the villainous anti-hero thriving in Restoration London, exploring gas planets, playing ‘Stepford wife’ and kissing (then killing) countless victims… Just a day in the life of a rogue Time Agent!

Writer, David Llewellyn added:

“Writing The Death of Captain Jack was a total blast, and both James Goss (producer of the Torchwood range) and I realised we could have a lot more fun with Captain John Hart, providing James Marsters was happy to return. Captain John is this chaotic, disruptive, insubordinate force of nature; completely amoral and unpredictable, so that gave me a lot of freedom! Writing is often a case of knowing when to hold back, when to tread a more subtle line, but with Captain John it’s the complete opposite. And setting it before Torchwood on television meant we were able to go to places where Torchwood can’t.”

Torchwood fans will also find answers to some of the questions and plot points that have so far been left hanging from the beginning of the television show. More details on this in the future…

Review-Torchwood: The Death of Captain Jack

Torchwood: The Death of Captain Jack is difficult to review, without spoiling. So, I won’t be discussing the storyline.

This is a very ambitious audio, from David Llewellyn who once again proves himself to be one of the greatest writers Torchwood has ever had. He perfectly manages to encapsulate the history of Jack and John and give the Torchwood franchise a fresh new spin, all within an hour-long adventure. It’s an absolute joy. James Marsters absolutely shines as Captain John Hart and, instantly reminds us why he was so popular amongst Torchwood fans. He’s the perfect foil to John Barrowman’s Captain Jack.

There’s also a slight dig at Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Director Scott Handcock and producer James Goss have their awesomely unique style all over this release. Torchwood on Big Finish is the best Torchwood has ever been. They just get it, it’s ambitious, it’s loud, it’s sexy and over the top. Which is just how it should be.


Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.