DVD review: Fright Night

Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) and his mum (Toni Collete) have got a new neighbour called Jerry (Colin Farrell). Ever since Jerry moved in, local residents have gone missing. It’s also been about a year since Charley last spoke to his geeky best friend, Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

You see, Charley is desperate to outgrow his nerdy roots. He got himself a girlfriend (Imogen Poots) and spends his days trying to befriend/impress the school’s dumb jocks. So when Ed starts making outlandish claims that Jerry is a vampire, Charley tries to distance himself even further. Ed then goes missing, causing Charley to believe Ed’s theory. The thing is, now nobody believes Charley.

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Film review: Fright Night

Charley Brewster, played by Anton Yelchin, is trying to leave his nerdy past behind. He’s got a new girlfriend (Imogen Poots) and is working hard to impress the school’s popular jocks. But when his former best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) starts claiming that their new neighbour Jerry (Colin Farrell) is a vampire responsible for the recent disappearances in the neighbourhood, Charley tries to distance himself even further from Ed. However, when Ed goes missing, Charley begins to believe his friend’s theory, but nobody else does.

Desperate for help, Charley turns to magician and vampire hunter Peter Vincent, played by David Tennant in a brilliantly intense performance that features a lot of swearing. However, Charley’s last hope might not be enough to stop Jerry, who is played with an intimidating presence by Farrell.

As a fan of the original, I approached this remake with trepidation, but I found it to be entirely enjoyable. It’s a faithful enough adaptation that captures the fun of the original while ramping up the tension and giving it a modern twist. The cast is strong, with Farrell owning every scene he’s in, and the dialogue is sharp and witty. The pacing is well-done, and the acting is superior to the original. The only drawback is the 3D, which makes the nighttime scenes too dark to fully appreciate.

Overall, it’s a solid remake worth watching,but if possible, catch it in 2D.