Episode 62: Attack of the CyberMart

In which Gerrod returns. What do you mean you don’t remember him?

Your heroes look at Attack of the Cybermen. We also welcome our new host, Ash. Check out Ash’s other podcasts, Nights at the round table. and Hammered Horror.

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Martyn – @BadWilf

Gerrod –@InGerrodsMind

Pete – @BeeblePete




The serial is set in London in 1985 and the planet Telos in the future. In the serial, the Cybermen plot to change the course of history by destroying Earth with Halley’s Comet in 1985, which would prevent the destruction of the Cybermen’s original home planet Mondas. In addition to its contemporary London setting, it also features several other references to the previous season’s Resurrection of the Daleks, notably the return of Lytton (played by Maurice Colbourne) and his henchmen (who again masquerade as policemen), and is directed by Matthew Robinson in his second and final contribution to the series.