Aidan Turner now bookies favourite for James Bond

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard a few names thrown around in regards to James Bond.  Ladbrokes have now added a “odds-on” favourite for the role.

Irish actor Aidan Turner (Poldark, Being Human), is now the top contender. A spokesperson for Ladbrokes said:

“Money talks, and it’s the Poldark man that punters want as their next Bond. Turner’s been shaking and stirring the betting for the last week and it’s not a huge surprise to see he’s been backed into odds-on.”

I interviewed Aidan at the recent MCM Expo, interestingly, the press were banned from asking him about James Bond…


Episode 155:Being Human MCM roundtable

In which Martyn, along with 15 other journalists interview the cast of Being Human. Russell Tovey talks about waking up to find an Italian woman in his house, Aidan talks about Poldark and what we can expect from series 2. Lenora Critchlow talks about the joys of living alone and her favourite memory of Being Human.

Being Human was a supernatural comedy-drama television series. It was created and written by Toby Whithouse.

Thanks to the guys at MCM for allowing us access.

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Being Human spoiler-free review

“Fill a bowl with boiling water and washing up liquid, this is two sets of Marigold problem”.

Being Human returns at the end of the week and gets off to a flying startBeing Human series 5. Tom, Hal and Alex (Michael Socha, Damien Molony and Kate Bracken) return as our supernatural trio.

The story picks up a few weeks after the events of series 4. Tom and Hal are still grieving for Eve and Annie-though neither are mentioned, which is a very smart move. Series 5 is about as distant as we could get from the original show and, that’s no bad thing.

Michael Socha and Damien Malony reprise their roles effortlessly. Hal and Tom have managed to inject the humour that vanished in the later part of George and Mitchell’s tenure. Kate Bracken is brilliant as Alex and is a million miles away from Annie.

This is a great first episode and will no doubt win over any George and Mitchell fan-girls, or general naysayers that felt Being Human had lost its spark. I’m going to call it now, a sixth series is a given.

Being Human returns to BBC Three, February 3rd at 10 pm


Fast Girls is an Olympics cash-in, that wasn’t allowed to be an Olympics cash-in. They were banned from using the words “Olympics” “London” and “2012”, so instead the girls in question are training to compete in the fictional 2011 World Championships.

Fast Girls is co-written by Noel Clarke, who stars as the girls coach and directed by newcomer Regan Hall.
The film is billed as a comedy/drama, however, it is not quite funny enough to be a comedy or dramatic enough for the drama genre.

It stars Lenora Crichlow (Being Human) as Shania, a talented sprinter from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ who is approached by relay coach, Tommy (Clarke) to join the team. Unsurprisingly, she’s not a team player.

It was great and refreshing to see a British production with strong female leads. Fast Girls opens well but soon descends into a cliché ridden film. The romance between Shania and Carl never quite feels real and the movie quickly falls back on the staples we’ve seen so many times, in so many films. Noel Clarke puts in a rather bland performance, almost as if he wasn’t meant to play Tommy and the original actor cast didn’t turn up. Phil Davis has little more than a cameo, as Shania’s original coach and that is quite frankly a complete waste of his talent. At times the film does engage the audience, but you may have drifted off by the time you get to the predictable “feel good” climax.

    • Behind the Scenes: Cast Training/ Costume Design/ The Relay/ Fast Girl Championship/ Night Shoot.
    • Interviews: Lenora Chrichlow/ Lily Jame/ Noel Clarke/ Bradley James/ Regan Hall/ Rupert Graves/ Lorraine Burroughs/ Lashana Lynch/ Dominique Tipper/ Damian Jones/ Ben Rimmer/ Shani Anderson/ Jeanette Kwakye.
    • Trailer