Review-Torchwood:Ghost Train

With open arms, Torchwood fans welcomed the latest instalment of their beloved series, Ghost Train, written by the talented James Goss. Goss, who has penned several Doctor Who and Torchwood novels, including the 2009 audio play The Golden Age, proves his mettle once again with this gripping tale.

Set between Series 2 and Children of Earth, Ghost Train is a first-person narrative centred around Rhys Williams, brought to life by the incomparable Kai Owen. Owen’s vocal prowess is on full display, with clear enunciation and spot-on characterizations that never distract from the engaging story.

The plot starts with missing fridges, but it quickly becomes clear that something far more sinister is afoot. The strange occurrences, from radios instructing people to kill to SatNavs urging drivers to run over pedestrians, all point to a mysterious train that has recently pulled into a long-abandoned station. As it turns out, the train is coming from a world that has just been destroyed, and whatever is coming from that world is coming to this one.

Clocking in at just under two hours and twenty minutes across two CDs, Ghost Train is a thrilling ride that never feels too long. Kai’s impeccable portrayal of the Torchwood team, especially his spot-on rendition of Gareth David-Lloyd’s dry wit as Ianto, will have fans smiling from ear to ear. The story is expertly paced, balancing moments of levity with nail-biting suspense that keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Like all other Torchwood Audiobooks, Ghost Train should be considered canon, and the inclusion of a £5 off code for first-time purchasers only sweetens the deal. Simply put, Ghost Train is a must-listen for any Torchwood fan looking for an engaging, immersive audio experience.