Sylvester McCoy cast in The Munsters

Rob Zombie took to Instagram last night, to update us on the latest development of his “The Munsters” reboot.

He gave us our first look at Igor, whom he describes as “the family’s trusty servant.”
Igor appears to be a new character, not to be confused with Grandpa’s pet bat of the same name or the Cousin Igor featured in the film “The Munsters’ Revenge.”

Sylvester McCoy will be playing the role.

McCoy is best-known for his roles in two huge franchises: from 1987 to 1989, he was the seventh Doctor in Doctor Who-a role he still plays for Big Finish. He also played Radagast the brown in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. He also had a prominant role in Netflix’s Sense8.

The Munsters is based on a two-season sitcom that aired on NBC in 1964.
Despite its relatively brief existence, it developed a cult following and inspired spin-off programmes and films. A reboot series was attempted in 2012, starring Eddie Izzard.

The film adaption, will be a Peacock exclusive. Written and directed by Zombie.