Star Wars:Angry Birds-Review

Formats: iOS, Android, and PC
Price: 69p
Publisher: Rovio
Developer: Rovio

This is easily the best Angry Birds game so far. It’s also the best Star Wars game since Lego Star Wars. Angry birds and Star Wars have nothing in common, this shouldn’t work, but, strangely it does.

The game loosely retells the story of the original (and best) Star Wars trilogy. The Red Bird is Luke Skywalker, equipped with a lightsaber. Darth Vader is now a pig, Han Solo is a yellow bird (he shoots first). So far, the levels are only set on Tatooine and the Death Star. There is a Hoth level, due “soon”. But, as of yet no firm date has been set. There are also some unlock-able bonus levels where you play as C-3PO and R2-D2. If you’re desperate for more bird play you can download set of 40 “path of the Jedi” levels, but you have to pay £1.49 to unlock that.

The game is suitable for anyone over the age of 4, my 4-year old son is just as addicted to this, as I am. It has a great mix of new and old features, this still would have been great as a stand alone Angry Birds game and, at 69p, it’s great value for money.
The only negative thing about this game, is the fact that its been designed for iPad and not the iPhone. It isn’t optimised for for the iPhone screen.