Russell T Davies wants to write a Doctor Who movie

Former Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies has expressed his interest in writing a Doctor Who movie, during an interview on BBC Radio 2. Davies, who is promoting his new set of shows for Channel 4, said that he believes the film should be in cinemas immediately and that it would be glorious. He added that if the lawyers and contracts could be sorted out, he would love to write the script for the movie.

Fans of the long-running sci-fi series have been hoping for a big screen adaptation for years, and many would be thrilled to see Davies return to the Whoniverse. Some have even speculated that he and fellow former showrunner Steven Moffat could team up to write the film, though nothing has been confirmed yet. While Davies has ruled out returning to write another TV episode, a Doctor Who movie could be the perfect opportunity for him to revisit the beloved character and universe he helped create.