Big Finish review-Torchwood: The Three Monkeys

Recorded entirely during the lockdown, November’s Torchwood release, The Three Monkeys, once again pairs everyone’s favourite odd-couple, Owen Harper (Burn Gorman) and Tom Price (Andy Davidson). Unlike their previous team-ups, this installment takes a relatively lighter tone.

The story of Andy’s uncle is heartbreaking tale about his uncle, which is based on a real life event, is expertly woven into the plot by writer James Goss, who wondered what would happen if the story was given a Torchwood twist. Despite the lighter tone, The Three Monkeys brings everything fans have come to expect from a Goss release, with deep character explorations and tragic elements that are perfectly directed by Scott Handcock.

Iain Meadows’ sound design is flawless, tugging at the heartstrings during Andy’s heartfelt moments, and the setting of a car makes the story feel intimate and confined. Gorman and Price once again shine, with Andy’s optimism perfectly balancing Owen’s cynicism.

Torchwood: The Three Monkeys once again proves that Torchwood on Big Finish is at its very best, and a must-listen for fans.


Torchwood: The Three Monkeys is available to purchase directly from Big Finish.