Review-Studio 666

The Foo Fighters, one of the most successful rock bands of all time, are facing a major hurdle. They are struggling to write their 10th studio album, and are in desperate need of inspiration. Lead singer Dave Grohl, always eager to try something new, suggests that they record in an ominous mansion known for its supernatural activity. The band agrees, thinking that the creepy death atmosphere and eerie acoustics of the mansion will spark their creative juices.

As soon as they enter the mansion, strange occurrences begin to happen. The band members start seeing apparitions and experiencing unexplainable events. They soon realise that they are not alone in the mansion and that supernatural forces are at play.

Despite the danger, the band decides to continue recording in the mansion. As they try to navigate the creepy surroundings, they also deal with their own interpersonal issues. Celebrity cameos and unexpected plot twists add to the suspense and humor of the film.

Studio 666 is a mixed bag, part-comedy, part-horror, and part-90s slasher throwback. The plot is formulaic, but the characters are lovable and relatable. The acting may not be Oscar-worthy, but the band members’ chemistry is palpable. The film is a proper B-movie, reminiscent of the classics from decades ago.

Studio 666 is a fun and entertaining ride, perfect for fans of the band and lovers of classic horror-comedies.