Film review-Morbius

It’s rarely a good sign, when the press screening for a film is the day before its release. So I attended the screening for this with very low expectations and those expectations were met.

“Morbius” is a very lacklustre and anti-climactic addition to the Sony Marvel universe. Jared Leto stars as Dr. Michael Morbius, a famed blood disease specialist who becomes a superhuman with vampiric abilities after his work goes awry.

Unfortunately, “Morbius” fails to elevate the originality of its comic book inspiration and instead relies on formulaic storytelling and forgettable characters. The lack of atmosphere and striking resonance robs the film of its ability to captivate and engage its audience. Despite the film’s special effects, they do little to salvage it from its poor craftsmanship and dull storytelling.

The one bright spot is Matt Smith’s portrayal of Morbius’s lifelong friend, Milo. Smith seems to be having an absolute blast in the role, injecting a much-needed dose of energy and charisma into the otherwise lackluster proceedings. Despite the script’s shortcomings, Smith’s performance is a testament to his talent as an actor and his ability to inject life into even the most underwritten of characters. While this may not be the vehicle that propels Smith to Hollywood stardom, his presence is certainly a welcome one in an otherwise forgettable film.

An amusing aspect is the film’s attempt to pass off London tube stations as New York City subways. Despite the best efforts of the production design team, the tube stations are unmistakably British. It is a reminder that no matter how big the budget or talented the crew, some details are just too difficult to fake convincingly.

The post-credit scenes add another layer of confusion around the Spider-Man anti-hero, leaving audiences with more questions than answers. It is a shame that even with ample time to rework its flaws, “Morbius” struggles to manifest its quality. As such, Sony Pictures has succeeded only in draining life from this vampire film, leaving it a forgettable addition to the Marvel Studios canon.