Film review-65

In 65, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods attempt to revive the horror adventure genre with a unique and ambitious survival story set on Earth, 65 million years ago, featuring indigenous dinosaurs as hostile creatures. The premise is intriguing and promises an exciting adventure for the audience. However, the film falls short of delivering a fully satisfying experience.

While emotional stakes are established for the characters, the film struggles to break out of a repetitive pattern of encounters and evade prehistoric predators. The quieter moments attempt to develop the characters’ rapport, but the humour feels out of place, and Koa’s transformation from helpless to survivor feels rushed.

Another issue with the film is the lack of a clear sense of place and visibility during the nighttime scenes, which detracts from the experience. However, the film has some entertaining moments, and Adam Driver’s performance as Mills provides a solid anchor for the story.

The potential for something greater in 65 remains untapped. The film could have fully embraced the absurdities of its plot and leaned into the retro charm of classic films like Planet of Dinosaurs. The serious tone of the film limits its ability to fully capture the adventure and excitement promised by the premise. Nonetheless, the film offers a unique and ambitious take on the horror adventure genre, and fans of the genre may still find elements to enjoy.


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