Fan makes death threat to Dan Fogler

This weekend saw thousands of comic book fans attained London film and comic con. However, one fan had dark intentions…

Fantastic beats and where to find them actor Dan Fogler, made an impromptu and unannounced appearance at the Heavy Metal Magazine stand, to promote his new comic book.

Obviously, as soon as Harry Potter fans heard he was there, his line grew very long, very quickly. He signed prints, posed for selfies and all was well.
However, staff were alerted to an individual acting suspiciously in line.

When asked why he was there, he stated he was on a mission to kill Dan Fogler, whom he beloved was the evil wizard Grindelwald using Polyjuice to disguise himself as “Jacob Kowalski”, Fogler’s character from Fantastic Beasts.

Luckily, a quick thinking member of staff was able to convince the deranged fan that Fogler is indeed, just an actor, as Kowalski was from the nineteen-twenties, so couldn’t possibly be at a convention in 2017.

The fan then insisted Grimwald had used a “time turner” to move forward in time. To which, the member of staff reminded him that they only work backwards.

The man then concluded that Dan, must be the grandson of Kowalski and decided to go visit Benedict Cumberbatch instead. He was escorted out of the building by security.

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