Dad’s Army teaser poster revealed 

Growing up in the UK in the 80’s and 90’s meant that I was subjected to many repeats of classic sitcoms such as Steptoe and Son and Dad’s Army. The latter has just been turned into a motion picture by Universal pictures.

It’s always tricky when a much-loved TV series is turned into a movie. But, I have to say that I am optimistic due to the cast list. Every actor is the perfect choice. 

It’s directed by the BAFTA award-winning Oliver Parker and has been written by Hamish McColl. 

Here’s the synopsis:

It is 1944 and World War II is reaching its climax. The Allies are poised to invade France and finally defeat the German army. But in Walmington-on-Sea morale amongst the Home Guard is low. Their new mission then – to patrol the Dover army base – is a great chance to revive spirits and reputation, that is until glamorous journalist Rose Winters arrives to write about their exploits, setting the pulses racing and putting the local women on red alert. MI5 then discover a radio signal sent direct to Berlin from Walmington-on-Sea. There’s a spy on the loose! The outcome of the war is suddenly at stake, and it falls to our unlikely heroes to stand up and be counted.

Dad’s Army is out in UK cinemas on February 5th 2016.