Big Finish review-Torchwood: The office of never was

Although Ianto Jones is a beloved character among the Torchwood fandom, most would agree that he was often relegated to the background despite his intriguing backstory and secret cyber-girlfriend. However, the audio revival of the show, with full-cast dramas that focus on individual characters. Has given him and others a chance to shine.

In “The Office of Never Was,” Ianto takes the lead as he investigates a haunted building, displaying impressive deduction skills and carrying the drama with ease.

This is an extremely well-crafted and engaging story. James Goss, the producer and scriptwriter, delivers a dark tale that cleverly addresses one of Torchwood’s central conceits and provides some hard-edged, real-world consequences. The limited cast is used to great effect, allowing for strong character development and building tension as the story progresses. Goss’s nods to “The Avengers” add an extra layer of entertainment value, while his use of humour helps to balance out the story’s darker moments. The script for is a testament to Goss’s talent as a writer and his understanding of Torchwood and its wider universe.

Gareth David-Lloyd, is a skilled voice actor and brings his A-game to this audio. He effortlessly carries the drama on his own for the first few minutes of “The Office of Never Was,” showcasing his talent for conveying Ianto’s internal struggles and thought processes. His performance is nuanced and engaging, capturing the character’s dry humor and emotional complexity.

Overall, “The Office of Never Was” is another smartly directed, strong and entertaining outing for Cardiff’s favourite member of Torchwood.