Big Finish review-Torchwood: The Dollhouse

While the concept of the “Dollhouse” is intriguing, the story fails to deliver on its potential. There are two main flaws in the piece. Firstly, the inclusion of Torchwood in the US is questionable, and its presence is never fully explored. Secondly, the story attempts to parody “Charlie’s Angels,” which is difficult to translate into audio form. The dialogue can feel clunky and anachronistic, but the cast does their best with the material.

Guy Adams’ portrayal of “Mr. Beamish” stands out as particularly impressive.

Unfortunately, the story never reaches its potential, and the ending suggests a possible sequel that one can only hope improves upon the original.

Overall, “The Dollhouse” is a disappointing entry in Big Finish’s “Torchwood” series and not indicative of the high-quality content the series typically produces. However, the series always has room for additional female-led series and new talent, and it’s admirable that Big Finish is willing to take risks with fresh faces. As it stands, “The Dollhouse” is not recommended.