Big Finish Review-Doctor Who: The Warehouse

Online shopping is a goldmine for satirical material, it’s surprising the main show hasn’t done it yet. However, “The Warehouse” takes this concept to a new level with its depiction of a massive warehouse in the sky staffed by clones, while a catastrophe on the planet reduces the populace to primitive religion, worshipping those who reside in the warehouse. The idea for the story may not be entirely original, but it is true to the era in which it is set – the Seventh Doctor and Mel era.

The story takes a while to gain momentum, with the first two episodes featuring a lot of running around the aisles of the Great Warehouse In The Sky, but not much else. However, Dillie Keane and Sylvester McCoy deliver standout performances, with Keane bringing nuance to her role as High Priestess of the Catalogue, and McCoy excelling in his portrayal of the Doctor.

As the truth of the situation on the planet is revealed, the story gains momentum, culminating in a gripping coup de grace that subverts the latest planned delivery methods of a leading online retailer. Keane’s performance once again shines in the story’s final act, lending it solid gravitas.

Overall, “The Warehouse” delivers exactly what it promises – a stolid, eighties-era Doctor Who story. While it may not be the most imaginative or memorable entry in the franchise, fans of the era will likely find it enjoyable.